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Aneuvo Culture

Our culture is defined by an extra-ordinary openness to new ideas and constant desire to iterate in an attempt to create the best possible product and come up with the most efficient solutions for patients in need We foster a collaborative and encouraging environment where everyone has the ability to grow.

Aneuvo Values

Faith in Self and Team

Be confident in yourself, and in your team. Do the right things and get them done. Together, we can overcome all challenges and accomplish big goals.

Always be Learning

Be willing to improve yourself intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually while being open-minded to admitting and working on areas of growth for both yourself and the company.

Tenacious yet Agile

Be persistent in achieving idealistic and ambitious goals and finishing tasks at a high standard of excellence, never yielding to challenges or obstacles, yet retaining flexibility and agility when necessary.

Improving the Human Experience

Giving the best of ourselves enables us to provide significant functional and emotional benefits to our customers around the world.

R & D Driven

Continuously innovate and improve medical technologies. Bring disruptive products and services to market and be the market leader.

Out of the Box

Identify and solve customers’ problems through innovative and effective means, unconstrained by conventional wisdom or knowledge. Use interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. Consider challenges from new and different perspectives.

Open Positions

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